Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) Probe is composed of three electrodes (Working Electrode, Counter  Electrode and  Reference Electrode)  and  when  it  is  connected to the      

AE-Corr-Meter it gives instantaneous corrosion rate not affected by solution resistance.
It has a threaded or flanged Packing Gland connected to a Ball Valve.

Insertion and extraction (for a scheduled “program of replacement” while the plant is working) can be done without using any other tools; Safety Clamps can be provided to increase safety

Electrodes of different shapes are suitable, depending on monitoring condition:

Protruding Electrodes (for instantaneous reading, specially designed for water treatment plants).

Tubular Electrodes (for periodically or continuous monitoring of a pipeline or of petrochemical plant).

Using Extractable LPR Probes it is possible to insert the probe following a “measuring program” and to retrieve it when is haven’t to be used or for the replacement while the plant is working,

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