The Injection Probes are the easier way to put in communication pipeline fluid from the outer environment.

If  the fluid flows from the inside to the outside we have a “Sampling Probe”; it flows from the outside to the inside and we have an “Injection Probe”.

Simply speaking the Injection/Sampling probe is a tube connected to the outer environment via a Packing Gland, and immersed in process fluid.

The “in-fluid” side of the tube is produced following process needings.

Some possibilities are:

Open End where the pipeline fluid turbulence disperses injected fluid.  

Quill where the previous dispersion mechanism is facilitated by the quill cut “Atomizing”

Nozzle with several possibilities of nozzle conformation due to dispersion needing (injection capacity, fluid velocity, angle of dispersion).  

Injection/Sampling System consists of: Injection/Sampling Probe, Threaded or Flanged Packing Gland and Ball Valve.

Insertion and extraction can be done without any use of other tools; Safety Clamps can be provided to increase safety.

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