Portable ER Corrosion Meter
AE-Corr-Ohmeter AECO 220

                              - Electrical Resistance technique
                              - Direct digital read-out of corrosion penetration
                              - Dot matrix LCD display 16 chr/2 lines
                              - Measures corrosion in any environment
                              - Data logger with alphanumeric keypad input & Non-volatile Data Memory
                              - Rechargeable batteries Ni-Mh (Standard AA 1,2V alkaline)
                              - Resolution: 1/10,000 of initial dimension (0.1 micron or 0.004 mil)

AE-Corr-Ohmeter AECO 220 measures corrosion in any environment both aqueous and non-aqueous liquids, mixed phases, vapours, gases, atmosphere and solids. The ER 7428 works in connection with a probe installed in a corrosive environment. The probe employs a sensing element made from wire, strip or tube of the same metal as the pipeline, vessel or structure to be monitored. As corrosion occurs, the cross-sectional area of the sensing element decreases and its electric resistance increases according to Ohm’s law. The AE-Corr-Ohmeter AECO 220  circuit measures with very high precision the variation of electrical resistance of the sensing element, it calculates the variation of its cross-sectional area and gives the attack penetration with a sensitivity of 1/10,000 of its original diameter. A digital display of corrosion penetration allows easy and precise readings for the operator. A single instrument can be used to measure an unlimited number of probes installed at different locations of a system or systems: Each Probe can be distinguished by a unique TAG number and measures are memorised in a non-volatile memory.

AE-Corr-Ohmeter AECO 220 is used for both laboratory and field, it measures corrosion in:
□ pipeline □ refinery □ chemical and petrochemical plant process equipment □ measures pollution and corrosive effects of air in the atmosphere □ measures erosion in high velocity streams detects water traces in chlorinated hydrocarbons and in dry gases.
AE-Corr-Ohmeter AECO 220  is also used to control the effectiveness of:
Corrosion inhibitors
Cathodic and anodic protection systems
Control of process variables and measures the corrosion in:
Process equipment 
Mixed phases, both liquid and gaseous
Liquids, both aqueous and non-aqueous

LCD display: alphanumeric 16 characters /2 lines
Direct digital readout of corrosion penetration
Corrosion resolution: 1/10,000 of sensing element thickness
Linearity: 0 – 999 of sensing element thickness
Software controlled, menu driven, readings of the probe upon simple operator commands
Set Point of: Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, TAG number (real time clock included)
Built- in non-volatile memory (30-Year retaining) up to 3000 Reading measures
PC RS232 connectivity (Software & cable communication included)
Power supply: eight 1.2V DC rechargeable Ni/Mh batteries 
Battery duration: 14 hours operating or 1000 measures
Automatic self-battery check indicator
Battery charger: 220V AC –50 Hz (110V AC-60 Hz) included
Size: 200x110x70 mm
Weight: 0,5 Kg
Connecting cable: 1.5 mt in coil form.
Package: shockproof polystyrene box in vinyl carrying case.