Portable LPR Corrosion Meter
AE-Corr-Meter AECO 110

                               - Linear Polarisation Resistance technique
                         - Full automatic mode
                         - Dot matrix LCD display 16 chr/2 lines
                         - Galvanodynamic mode
- Two or three electrode type measuring probe
                         - Data logger with alphanumeric keypad input & Non-volatile Data Memory
- Rechargeable batteries Ni-Mh (AA 1,2V)

                         - Measure corrosion rates from 0.05 μ/y to 10 mm/y over 5 f. s.


The AE-Corr-Meter AECO 110 measures corrosion rate of metallic materials in corrosive environments. Its proprietary polarising circuit is specially designed to minimise errors due to the presence of corrosion layers on the electrode surface while its high input impedance extends measurements validity to low conductivity waters. A probe is installed into a process or laboratory environment and connected to instrument by means of a cable. The measurement is carried out instantly and directly gives the corrosion penetration rate in mm/y or mils/y independently from the nature of the metal examined. The AE-Corr-Meter AECO 110 is a rechargeable battery powered portable instrument, which can read any number of probes at various locations.
A digital display of corrosion rates allows easy and precise readings for the operator. A single instrument can be used to measure an unlimited number of probes installed at different locations of a system or systems: Each Probe can be distinguished by a unique TAG number and measures are memorised in a non-volatile memory.


The LPR 801 is simple to operate: just set TAG number push the Measure key: the instrument will give a corrosion rate reading and automatically memorises potential difference between working and reference electrode of the three (standard) electrode probe installed in the process stream. An anodic current ramp is automatically applied to the working electrode by the auxiliary electrode; the result is an increasing potential difference between the polarised electrode (working) and the unpolarised one (reference). The reference electrode is connected to a high impedance instrument so as to measure correctly the potential difference. The ramp stops automatically at 10 mV potential shift to avoid IR-drops and errors resulting from presence of redo couples at the electrode surface. The LPR 801 performs a convergent autorange algorithm that can found quickly the best scale of measure.


The AE-Corr-Meter AECO 110 measures corrosion rates in all aqueous systems also with low conductivity (water, saline solutions, acid, bases, water mixtures of organic compounds, etc.). It is most effective in the application of:

- Cooling water systems

- Corrosion inhibitors evaluation

- Reservoirs

- Geothermal power generating systems

- Chemical and petrochemical plants

- MEA and DEA recovery systems

- Desalination plans

- Waste water disposal and waterfloods

- Thermoelectric and nuclear power plants

- Acid chemical cleaning

- Alloy testing

- Air conditioning and heating systems


LCD display: alphanumeric 16 characters /2 lines
Direct digital readout of corrosion rates with AUTOMATIC scale selection

Software controlled, menu driven, readings of the probe upon simple operator commands
Set Point of: Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, TAG number (real time clock included)
Built- in non-volatile memory (30-Year retaining) up to 4000 Reading measures
PC RS232 connectivity (Software & cable communication included)
Power supply: eight 1.2V DC rechargeable Ni/Mh batteries

Battery duration: 14 hours operating or 1000 measures
Battery charger: 220V AC 50 Hz (110V AC-60 Hz) included
Size: 200x110x70 mm

Weight: 0,5 Kg
Connecting cable: 1.5 mt in coil form.

Package: shockproof polystyrene box in vinyl carrying case.