- Field Data Logger collecting data from Units measuring Corrosion Penetration 
- Dot matrix LCD display 16 chr/2 lines§ Easy to use Programmable Menu 
- Connects Units & PC via RS232 (cable included) 
- Battery powered§ Enables to program Field Unit Transmitter
- Downloads data from Corrosion Transmitter and Uploads to PC (laptop or notebook). Software 
- Standard Rechargeable Batteries AA alkaline (recharger included)Data collected & downloaded 
  to PC in ASCII format can be used with standard softwares (Excel, Word, etc.)

The DL AECO 141 is a special device that programs, sets point, uploads & downloads data to and from every type of programmable device like Field Unit Transmitter.
With DL 141 Data Logger you can very quickly and easily select Date, Time, Tag Probe’s, rate of measures, recall and delete data collected using a very intuitive menu driven program.
Data collected from the In- field Units can be downloaded to any PC IBM compatible using the software included.

LCD display: alphanumeric 16 characters /2 lines 
Software controlled, menu driven, display the readings of the probes upon simple operator commands
Set Point of: Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, TAG number (real time clock included).
Built- in non-volatile memory up to 3000 Reading measures: (Fully static, 30-Years retaining: no need of antiquate memory switches in case of battery loss)
Hardware & software compatible with Better Manufacturer’s equipment 
PC RS232 connectivity (Software & cable communication included).
Power supply: eight standard AA 1.2V DC rechargeable Ni/Mh batteries (no memory effect)
Battery duration: 14 hours continuous operating or 1000 measures
Automatic self-battery check indicator
Battery charger: 220V AC –50 Hz (110V AC-60 Hz) included
Size: 200x110x70 mm
Weight: 0,5 Kg
Package: shockproof polystyrene box in vinyl carrying case.