Electrical evaluation and rehabilitation of coating in order to achieve cathodic protection

- Analysis and evaluation in order to rehabilitate buried pipelines for anti-corrosion purposes
- Cathodic Protection Design (Specification, Schemes, Work Direction, commissioning, 
  preparation and execution of maintenance programs)
- Assistance for CP System realization
- Study and Design of Cathodic Protection Systems for particular metallic structures

Search of Leaks, electrical surveys, evaluation and analysis for the CP of new or existing water pipelines

Many existing old water pipelines are coated with very poor quality bituminous coatings. By using different techniques, it is possible to:
- search for water leaks along the line
- detect worst regions from the corrosion point of view
- establish the limit for cathodically protecting a pipeline after careful analysis:
             - detection of free corrosion potentials along the line
             - detection of protective potential by installing temporary CP System  
             - determination of currents needed on different sections

             - definition of the position for the installation of insulating joints, CP Stations, etc.