Every system that have to be used for cooling (i.e. heat exchanger, condenser, reactor) needs water for its operation. Water is taken from the environment (Sea, Rivers, Lakes), and it means that organic life is caught with the water and put in the circuit. This is the beginning of the well known Biofouling Problem, from which a lot of problems arises.
AETECH has developed some tools (Bioshield, Metalsert) using Advanced Technologies for Design and Installation
In some other cases SCC (Stress Corrosion Cracking) is present on metal structures of the Cooling Systems. The effect of SCC is formation of crackes, that at least could damage the structures in a serious way. Monitoring of SCC effects have to be realized during the normal operation of Cooling System,  because SCC itself arises form the combination of chemical and mechanical parameter, and the last ones are present only during normal operation.
With the goal to solve this kind of problem AETECH has realized monitoring equipment based on
the use of Acoustic Emission Techniques.