Electrical surveys on underground pipelines and reservoirs  

Surveys and measurements for buried structures corrosion diagnosis:

- free corrosion potential measurements
- environment corrosivity evaluation
- installation of temporary CP Stations for trials and verification for protection essays on existing
  buried structures
- coating conditions surveys (location of extraneous contacts of groundings, coating faults, general
  coatings degradation, etc.)
- specialised surveys by using different inspection techniques:
Free corrosion potential
           - Polarisation potential
           - Calculation of insulation resistance of buried structures
           - Close interval potential measurements
           - Detection of extraneous interfering electric fields
           - Tranverse/longitudinal gradient measurement
           - Pearson surveys
           - Electromagnetic current attenuation surveys
           - Detection of burying depth of structures
           - Soil resistivity measurements
- Soil corrosivity Analysis and evaluation